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Ready for TAX TIME?

Canada introduced several benefits last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that may affect your tax situation. Make sure you know what to expect as you prepare your 2020 tax return!

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

No tax was withheld initially.

Report as additional income on your 2020 return.

Saving Strategies to Reach Your FINANCIAL GOALS

Whether you’re saving for retirement, a down payment on a home or kids’ higher education, these strategies will help get your funds to where they need to be.

1. What Are You Saving For?

Determine your short-term, midterm and long-term goals

Example: Emergency fund as a short-term goal; Down payment as a mid-term or long-term goal; Retirement as a long-term goal.

Real Estate and Your Wealth

Real estate is a hot commodity, and 97% of homeowners say they are happy with their purchase.1 Here’s why you’ll want to prioritize real estate in your portfolio!

Home Equity By the Numbers: 

Average Canadian’s Net Worth2

Homeowners: $685,400

How To Avoid Phone Scams

Woman Using Smartphone

The amount of spam calls increased this year.1 — use these tips to identify potential scammers and put an end to phony calls once and for all!

Common Scams:

The Power of Giving

Happy daughter giving flowers to mother

When you give to others, research shows you are more likely to reduce your stress levels, improve your mood and boost your social connections.1

Giving is Good For You


What to know if you’re thinking of buying an investment property of your own.

LOCATION The neighborhood should positively impact your home’s value and attract tenants or tourists. Make sure the property can generate enough rent income to comfortably cover your mortgage, plus property taxes, repairs and HOA fees.

202 OREA Home Buyer & Seller Profile

2020 Home Buyer Seller Profile

Do you want to know?

4 Times Money Can Buy You Happiness According to Research

Woman in Black Crew-neck Top Wearing White Cardigan

"Money can't buy you happiness" is a misunderstood phrase. People take it to mean that having money is irrelevant to being happy, but really it just means that happiness can't be bought and sold like an item at a store. 

The Staging Industry is Being Regulated by Realtors

white fabric sofa set

Certification for a stager is as important as a real estate license is to an agent. Why?  Simply so people know what to expect when hiring a stager.

The Science of Gratitude

The science is in — a grateful disposition reduces materialism, risk of burnout and symptoms of depression and makes you happier! Here are three small acts with big impacts to help you practice gratitude daily.

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